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Best Diesel Generator Brand-Cummins, Perkins, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Deutz, Volvo, IVECO, MTU, CAT, Kubo, John Deere, and Daewoo; Get to know the famous Brand Generators with our brief explanation. Let’s get started!

Diesel Generator

American Cummins Cummins generator

Cummins Engine Company was founded in 1919, mainly producing engines for power generation equipment, industrial and automotive industries. Cummins leads the world in diesel engine technology and has always been the largest manufacturer of diesel engines with over 200 horsepower and the second manufacturer of diesel engines with over 50 horsepower. Its products with superior performance, excellent quality, reasonable price, loyal service throughout the world, has developed into one of the 500 famous multinational companies in the United States.

Diesel Generator

British Perkins Perkins generator

Perkins Perkins was one of the first companies to produce engines in the world in 1932. The diesel and natural gas fueled engines are widely used in various industries for their economy, reliability, and durability. They are used in a wide range of industries such as automobiles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial power generators and ships. Our products are available in 100, 3.152, 4.236, 1000, 1300, 2000, 3000 and 4000 series. The 2000 and 3000 series are designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce), one of the most prestigious and authoritative companies in the field of mechanical power in the world.

Sweden Regal VOLVO generator

A multinational giant with a history of over 120 years, a Swedish company ranked among the world’s top 500, specializing in the manufacture of heavy machinery, trucks, automobiles, and ships. From the first production of heavy trucks to one of the world’s three luxury cars, from 100,000 tons of oil tankers to the world-famous VOLVO-PENTA diesel engine, the heavy power field is nowhere to be seen VOLVO-PENTA’s style. Today, the VOLVO-PENTA engine, which has gathered the outstanding inspiration of the world’s best power engineers, has become synonymous with the international top diesel engine. Its high-performance index, high reliability, environmental protection, low noise, easy installation, good adaptability to plateau, and other characteristics in the application of the industry-respected.

1. Volvo generator set product overview

Volvo generator set is our original Swedish VOLVO PENTA company series diesel engine configuration Siemens, Shanghai famous brand generator. Volvo series units have low fuel consumption, low emissions, low noise, compact structure, and other characteristics. Volvo (Volvo) company is Sweden’s largest industrial enterprise, with a history of more than 120 years, is one of the world’s oldest engine manufacturers; so far, its engine production has reached more than 1 million units and is widely used in cars, construction machinery, ships, and other power parts, it is the ideal power for generator sets.

2. Volvo generator set product features

①, power range: 68KW — 550KW ②, strong load-bearing capacity ③, smooth engine operation, low noise ④, fast, reliable cold start performance ⑤, exquisite and compact design ⑥, low fuel consumption, low operating costs ⑦, fewer exhaust emissions, economic and environmental protection (8) Worldwide service network and sufficient supply of spare parts

3. Volvo generator set power generation principle

The diesel engine drives the generator to run, converting the energy of diesel into electricity. In the diesel engine cylinder, after the air filter filtered clean air and injector nozzle sprayed high-pressure atomized diesel fully mixed, in the piston up the squeeze, volume reduction, the temperature rises rapidly, to reach the diesel ignition point. Diesel fuel is ignited, the mixture of gas burning, the volume of rapid expansion, pushing the piston down, called ‘work’. The cylinders work in a certain order, and the thrust on the piston becomes the force to push the crankshaft through the connecting rod, which drives the crankshaft to rotate. Brushless synchronous alternator and diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, you can use the rotation of the diesel engine to drive the generator rotor, the use of ‘electromagnetic induction’ principle, the generator will output the induction electric potential, by the closed load circuit can produce current.

4. Volvo generator set rated parameters

(1) rated power (pe): refers to the diesel generator set in the rated operating conditions that can output the maximum active power in kilowatts (kW) or megawatts (MW). (2) rated power factor (cosφ): refers to the power factor of the motor is rated operation. (3) Rated voltage (Ue): The line voltage of the diesel generator set in normal operation, in volts (V) or kilovolts (kW). (4) Rated current (Ie): The line current of the diesel generator set in rated operation, in amperes (A) or kiloamperes (kA). (5) rated speed (NC): the speed required by the diesel generator set to maintain the frequency of alternating current at 50Hz, in rpm (r/min). (6) Rated efficiency (ηe): the efficiency of the diesel generator set in the rated state of operation. ( 7) Rated frequency (fe): China’s rated frequency is 50Hz. (8) Rated temperature rise: the number of degrees allowed for the stator winding and rotor winding of the diesel generator set to rise than the ambient temperature during operation. Our country stipulates that the ambient temperature is calculated at 40℃.

Diesel Generator

Korea Daewoo Hyunju Generator

Founded in 1973 as Chosun Machinery Works, Daewoo General Machinery has been a leading company in the development of Korea’s machinery industry since then and is now the largest machinery company in Korea. In 1975, they built the largest engine manufacturing plant in Asia and began producing engines, and signed a series of technical agreements with MAN of Germany and Isuzu of Japan to produce a full range of engines for domestic and foreign customers. The company’s products are based on a strict and standardized quality assurance system and have passed various international certifications such as ISO9000 and ISO14000, providing the world’s highest level of products and services in the operating fields of heavy construction equipment, industrial vehicles, machine tools, and auto chemical systems.

1. Korea Daewoo generator set product introduction

Korea Daewoo generator sets are the P series engines produced by Doosan Daewoo Co., Ltd. and equipped with famous brand generators such as British-owned Guangzhou Ingo, Sino-German joint venture Wuxi Siemens, Stanford, and Shanghai. Daewoo series engines are recognized worldwide for their small size, lightweight, strong resistance to sudden load, low noise, economic and reliable features.

2. South Korea Daewoo generator set product features

Korea Daewoo generator set features: 1), reliable cold start performance; 2), smooth work, low noise; 3), fewer exhaust emissions, low operating costs; 4), compact appearance.

Korea Daewoo generator set performance:

①. Electrical performance. Comply with GB2820 and ISO8528/3 standards. And in line with the technical requirements of the post and telecommunications system YD/T502 communications special diesel generator set. Rated voltage: 400/230V Wiring mode: 3 phase 4 wire Frequency: 50Hz Rated power factor: 0.8 (hysteresis) Suppression of radio interference: in line with VDE0875-N class and GB2820

②. Unit standard. Comply with GB/T2819, ISO8528, IEC34, and other international standards

The rated output power of the generator sets meets. Altitude not exceeding 1000 m. Ambient temperature 0°C to 40°C.

Air relative humidity of 60%.

③. Alternator. Excitation mode: brushless self-excitation Insulation grade: H class

Protection grade: IP21~IP23 Voltage adjustment: automatic adjustment

④、Control box. There are different types of control boxes, such as manual, automatic, remote monitoring, full-automatic intelligent, etc. The basic configuration has a voltage meter, ammeter, water temperature meter, oil pressure meter, controller, emergency stop button, preheat button, battery voltage meter, schedule, phase selection switch, etc.

3. Korea Daewoo generator set structure features

Structural features of Korean Daewoo generator sets: DC electric start, four-stroke, water-cooled, direct injection, 1500rpm, self-contained fan closed-cycle cooling, intake intercooler, exhaust gas turbocharging.

Diesel Generator

Japan Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI generator

Since the day it was founded in 1917, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has been developing and creating various models of diesel engines with capacities ranging from 0.5 horsepower to 56.400 horsepower to meet customers’ general and professional uses. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ diesel engines are representative of the advanced technology of the times, as are its Mitsubishi Aerospace Technology, Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Technology, and Mitsubishi Military Equipment, and its superior quality is a guarantee of customer trust.

Diesel Generator

John Deere generators

  1. Fast and reliable cold start. the heater is installed in the intake manifold making the engine easy to start at low ambient temperature. At the same time, the low-drag supercharger and responsive injection system provide the engine with the ability to withstand high loads in a very short recovery time.
  2. Low operating costs. the use of advanced technology in the combustion process of the engine greatly reduces the loss of fuel, providing users with the lowest operating costs.
  3. Low noise and smooth operation. from the beginning of each engine manufacturing and production, the noise reduction design is always put in the first place in development and research. The specially developed engine body, optimally designed vibration damping system, precisely matched supercharger, and low-speed cooling fan all reduce the noise to a great extent.
Diesel Generator

Germany DEUTZ DEUTZ generator

Deutz, the world’s first producer of internal combustion engines, is one of the world’s leading diesel engine manufacturers, founded in 1864 and headquartered in Cologne, Germany. Production sites are located in Cologne, Volm. The production bases are located in Cologne, Volm. Our company uses the diesel engine produced by DEUTZ in the 90’s technology introduced by North China Diesel Engine Factory, Weifang Diesel Engine Factory, and Shijiazhuang Construction Machinery Factory as the power of the unit. This product has reliable performance, good quality, small size, low fuel consumption, power range of 10 ~ 1760KW generator set that has a great comparative advantage.

DEUTZ diesel generator sets are made by strict optimized design and high-quality manufacturing. All diesel generator sets comply with international ISO8528, German DIN6280, as well as IEC34 and VDE0530 and national GB/T2820 standards.

  1. Engine power description COP: continuous power, 1 hour overload allowed every 12 hours 10%. PRP: variable continuous power, the permitted average power output ≤ 80%, no time limit, 12 hours allowed 1 hour overload 10%. LTP:Limited use time power, use time not more than 500h per year, including continuous running time ≤300h, can’t overload. ● Different generators can be matched according to users’ requirements. ●The control part can choose manual, automatic, and remote control. ●The external dimensions of the unit can be redesigned according to the user’s requirements. ●Electrical performance. Voltage: 400V/230V, power factor: 0.8, frequency: 50Hz; can be operated in parallel. With overload and short-circuit protection function. Noise: not more than 98dB(A).
  2. Main functions of the unit. ●Starting mode: hand-starting and self-starting, self-starting mode: the unit is put into power supply within 15s after mains power failure. Display function: oil pressure, oil temperature, voltage, current, frequency, power, various alarms. Protection function: low oil pressure, high oil temperature, high water temperature, short circuit and other automatic protection.
Diesel Generator

German Benz MTU generator

MTU, the diesel propulsion systems division of Daimler-Benz, is the world’s leading manufacturer of heavy-duty diesel engines for military vehicles, railway vehicles, naval vessels, and long-haul power stations. From 1909, MTU switched from manufacturing aircraft engines to heavy-duty diesel engines, and in 1923, it began producing high-performance diesel engines. At the beginning of 1997, MTU introduced the best products to the market: 2000 series and 4000 series engines.

Diesel Generator

Caterpillar Caterpillar Generator

CATERPILLAR, Inc. is the world’s largest manufacturer of construction and building machinery. The productivity and durability of CAT engines are proven, and CAT has been recognized worldwide as the number one quality supplier, ranked number one in industrial and agricultural equipment manufacturing by FORTUNE magazine for many years, and 43rd among the world’s 500 largest companies. 2000 global sales were $201.75 Global sales in 2000 were $20.175 billion.

CATERPILLAR has been designing and manufacturing engines since 1931 and generator sets since 1939, accumulating more than 70 years of design and manufacturing experience. Over the years, Caterpillar has invested a lot of human and material resources in the design, development, and research of equipment, making CAT products leap forward in quality and performance. Caterpillar diesel generator sets in the United States are the only ones in the industry that are designed, manufactured, tested, and warranted by one manufacturer, Caterpillar, from the engine, generator, control system, and all components.

Diesel Generator

Japan Yamaha YAMAHA generator

  • Unusual operation design, simple and easy to use
  • Low fuel consumption, economical and practical
  • Durable and reliable
  • Save on tedious maintenance
  • Equipped with protection devices to ensure safe operation
  • Adopt silent and anti-vibration design
  • New-advanced inverter technology, 100% imported from Japan
  • Precision – Waveform more perfect, the best partner for precision instruments
  • Powerful – stronger power output and lower fuel consumption
  • Small-lightweight design, bodyweight of only 29kg
  • Powerful output power
  • Excellent fuel-saving performance
  • Excellent silent effect
  • Excellent environmental design
  • Easy operation performance

Japan International Kubo IMC generator

As users all over the world have always known, “Kokusai Kubo” of Japan is known for its professional technology, excellent design, and continuous improvement of its products to meet the needs of customers. We provide you with a wide range of single-phase and three-phase brushless diesel generators, gasoline generators, welding generators, lighting generators, garden machinery, road machinery, and water pumps, etc. Our products are easy to operate, quiet in operation, durable, and suitable for any application to match the prevailing environment.

Since 1994, “IMC-International Kubo” has entered the Chinese market and has been loved by all users, becoming a famous brand and a guarantee of high quality, and has been certified and designated as a supporting product for communication systems, providing high-efficiency backup power and related products.

Diesel Generator


IVECO is a major member of the Italian FIAT Group, mainly engaged in the research and production of automotive and diesel engines, but also in the production of construction machinery, internal combustion locomotives, mining, metallurgy, and power generation equipment. Iveco-Evco is a company specializing in the production of special diesel engines for Iveco customers, located in Milan, Italy. Its

diesel generator sets with installed capacities from 17KW to 616KW are all in compliance with ISO8528 standards, Iveco-Evco has ISO 9001 product quality certification and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel generator sets.

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